Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

First Four lessons Only £120

(Only applies to new pupils who have not driven before)

Thank you for considering Findley's Driving School

Martyn Findley

Martyn Findley (ADI)

I am Martyn Findley and it will be my pleasure to deliver the professional driver training that you require to the highest standard that I am capable.

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Voluntary code of practice

I am happy to be a signatory to the DVSA ADI Voluntary Code of Conduct.

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Continuing Professional Development

A commitment to Continuing Professional Development shows that your ADI is keeping up with the latest changes to the driving test and the teaching techniques that will get you there.

However you got here

I am grateful that you are considering employing me.

I am guessing that you currently have a few tabs open
each containing a different driving school website.

How do you decide though?

It's about far more than price

Have you noticed that for the majority their main interest
is to tell you how cheap they are?

A shallow approach at best and,
quite possibly a warning sign.

I enhance your statutory rights

Take a look at my section
to see how they increase your statutory rights.

What do you mean they don't have one!

Life changing decision

I am an experienced professional driving instructor and have
been working at a very high level for a long time ().

My commitment to
is one that few can match.

I am asking you to let my professionalism be your guide
in one of the most life changing experiences
that you will ever undertake.

This is not something that you decide lightly.

For your consideration

Please read my in depth if you haven't already and consider what is on offer. I am offering you a wealth of experience and at the same time trying to give an insight into exactly how my track record has been achieved.

I have reproduced below the lower row of links from the opening page of this website and I sincerely invite you to read them.

Once you have checked out the great , text me directly using the mobile number at the bottom of the page. Let us see if our matches.

You have to start sometime!

Q&A Section for your convenience:

How long have you been teaching as a driving instructor?

I have been a driving instructor for longer than I sometimes care to remember; though to be honest I have enjoyed every minute of it. The answer to this question and several more about myself personally are available on my

Are your driving lessons expensive?

My driving lesson prices are in line with those of other driving instructors in the area. The current fees can be found on the page.

I live outside of Nuneaton but you have been well recommended by a friend. Will you be able to travel out to teach me?

My page contains a list of areas that I am able to reach for driving lessons. If you are outside of this area then I am afraid I will be unable to teach you unless you can arrange to be picked up from and dropped off at a location within it.

What sort of car do you use for driving lessons?

I have written a little about my so that you can see the car for yourself and read about why I think it is an ideal car to learn to drive in. It also contains a few other details that should be of interest to you.

If I pay in advance and need a refund will I be able to get one?

All such details are viewable on the page.

Are you going to shout at me, use your mobile on my lesson, stop at the shop or a the multitude of other things I don't like?

Absolutely not! I have constructed a '' section to reassure prospective pupils as to the standards that they can expect. You may be particularly interested in the page.