Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Tuition Framework

The tuition framework will be shown and explained to you on your first driving lesson.

Not all instructors record lessons and those of us who do have our own methodology. This framework is the marking scheme and simple matrix that I have developed to record more than just progress against the in driving lessons.

To develop a good driver we need to work on more than just the laws of the road, vehicle controls, procedures for junctions etcetera and of course; health and safety. Did I say 'just'?

There is also quite a learning curve involved when developing a pedestrian into a driver capable of comfortably and efficiently negotiating their way through the driving conditions that they will be faced with on a day to day basis once they have passed their driving test.

Recording progress

As important as discussing and practicing the syllabus is we also need to accurately record progress to date. Only by understanding where we are up to at the moment can we develop further. I take this seriously because it is a great opportunity to reprise and review the work that has been done on the day.

The individual points on the framework are split into sections and I often begin with a summary of whichever were the most relevent sections on the day.

By section

No matter what we have planned to do at the beginning of a lesson we accept that life happens and by the end there can be a few points worthy of mention that we could not have foreseen.

A quick reprise of the lesson in terms of sections can be a very useful reminder before we discuss those specific points.

Point by point

During the lesson there may have been a briefing, depending mainly upon where we are in the course, but certainly we will have discussed many points. Some on the move, others kerbside.

This is where we go down the syllabus box by box and record and review all relevent progress on the day.

Personal attributes

To metamorphosise a pedestrian into a good driver we need to develop two things.

Confidence with the car

When you start to feel that the car is becoming an extension of yourself in terms of your confidence in your ability to drive it then we are winning!

If you have watched others drive you may have marvelled at how effortless they make it seem. Don't be put off, you will too.

Ability to make decisions

A good driver makes decision after decision in real time and is correct every time. This skillset does not develop without work.

By remaining within your comfort zones, maintaining a dynamic risk assessment, and applying the skill of forward planning you will be well prepared to drive as well as anyone else that you have seen.

Bearing in mind that I teach eco-driving as a standard part of the syllabus (you might not even see this mentioned elsewhere) and you may be better prepared for driving in the conditions that the modern day throws at us.

Benefits of the framework

It is fair to say that the syllabus is quite extensive, as it needs to be to cover the needs of the modern driver.

Consistent use of the tuition framework forms an accurate record of progress, a valuable planning tool, and a basis for further study of the syllabus.

As lessons progress the framework will provide:

  • A record of exactly how much of the syllabus has been covered

  • An understanding of the level of performance that has been reached in each section of the syllabus on a point by point basis

  • A record of development in respect of your personal confidence and the effectiveness of your decision making as a driver.

  • An agreed 'next step' in the form of your next lesson plan.

  • A proper understanding of exactly what needs to be achieved and how this will be accomplished!

All of the above is invaluable information for pupils and totally eradicates the possibility of an instructor saying, "just a few more lessons, just a few more..." which I hear frequently from pupils who have changed instructors.

Future lesson planning

At the end of each driving lesson we review the framework as described above so that we can agree where we will continue at the start of the following lesson.

This enables us to ensure that lessons flow seamlessly into one another which ultimately helps both understanding and confidence to flourish.

Seems like a good idea to me!