Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Driving Test Preparation

You will be well prepared for your driving test

The Practical Driving Test is not a mystery to me as I have been preparing pupils for it for a number of years. I will make certain that as we walk towards the door of the test centre that you are thoroughly prepared.

You have used the and completed the to best effect.

Armed with this knowledge, barring a bout of nerves on the day, the driving test is a bit of a formality.

I do not wait until pupils are completely ready for the test before advising them to book one. I wait until I am satisfied that there is nothing left to teach you and that in the remaining lessons your performance can be polished to a standard higher than that required by the examiners.

Once the test is booked

You have completed the syllabus and are showing confidence in making your own decisions while driving. Not only do you understand the flow of traffic at junctions but you are comfortable merging into the traffic flow unaided. You can be complete the manoeuvres under control while keeping ourselves and others safe. You have been shown the stranger parts of the local traffic system and can deal with the lot.

Nearly there! The final hurdle between you and a full driving licence is your practical driving test. You have progressed to the point where I am happy that the test should be booked so you know that you are doing well.

The remaining lessons

These lessons are essential, not only to polish the techniques that you have learned, but to ensure that you fully understand the test that you are going to take.

You will have become accustomed to me supporting, encouraging and praising you during lessons to build your confidence. In recent lessons I will have been backing off with this so that you can adjust to the difference between learning to drive and actually driving.

This is never popular but I will not hesitate if necessary.

The night before test day

  • Double check your provisional driving licence
    If you have misplaced this you will not be the first, but at least you will find out early enough to find it. Also bring your theory test pass certificate please.

  • Get a good nights rest
    If you wake up early or have trouble sleeping, please make sure that you are well rested for the day ahead.

The morning of test day

  • Eat as normal
    Skipping meals is not going to help you to feel comfortable when you need it the most.

  • Re-check your licence
    Just to be certain that you know where it is.

  • Be ready in good time
    If you are ready when I arrive then we can get straight on with your pre-test hour.

  • Dress comfortably
    For you to feel good about yourself is important.

What to bring

It is essential that you bring your Provisional Driving Licence as your driving test cannot be conducted without it. It is advisable to bring your theory test pass certificate.

The pre-test hour

This hour is more important than many people imagine. Settling your mind is as important as getting you settled driving the car!

As soon as you get into the car I shall check that you have your licence. The next pupil who brings someone else's will not be the first.

Pre-test I shall make sure that you cover all of the manoeuvres. We will remain reasonably close to the test centre so that we don't get caught in traffic on route. I shall also remind you of the show me/tell me questions and the details of the test.

It is important that as we walk towards the test centre you know that you:

  1. have covered the syllabus in depth
  2. can perform above the required standard
  3. have a full understanding of the test that you are about to take

Good Luck!