Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

First Four lessons Only £120

(Only applies to new pupils who have not driven before)

Areas Covered by Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton

A full list of the areas covered by Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton

Areas Covered

This is a full list of the areas covered.

I am sorry if I do not cover the area that you require.

I understand the the internet has the capability
to reach the far edges of the universe these days

I am somewhat more limited
in the areas that I can cover.

Broadly speaking I cover the
Town of Nuneaton

with the surrounding areas included.

Please if you have suitable in this area :

All areas of Nuneaton

  • Nuneaton - All areas of the town plus the surrounding areas of:

    • Ansley
    • Arley
    • Astley
    • Chapel End
    • Fenny Drayton
    • Galley Common
    • Hartshill
    • Higham on the Hill

Looking forward to serving you

If you were expecting to see a larger geographical area covered then I am sorry but I am restricted by the distance that I can reasonably travel in the time available between lessons.

I do realise that there are a great many villages that to varying extents could be described as being 'just a little further than' those listed but I do have to put a boundary somewhere.

There are a number of instructors based in villages and I am sure that one of them will be better placed to help you.

I do appreciate your interest in the service that I provide but if you are outside of these areas it may be better for both of us if you contact an instructor who lives nearer to your area.

On the page you will find detailed answers to many of the unrelated questions that you may have.

Plus quite possibly answers to a few questions that you may not have thought of.

Worth a look though!

Questions and Answers about the areas that I cover:

Do you plan to cover a larger area in the future?

I have no plans to enlarge the area that I cover. It is nice to help people out further afield but with driving conditions as they are these days the timings are just impossible.

I may need to be either picked up from or dropped off at a different place sometimes. Will that be a problem?

I have no issue with this at all as long as the alternative address is within the area that I cover. I would appreciate being asked in advance if possible please as this can make quite a difference to my day.

I live outside of the area that you cover but I can arrange to start and finish lessons from a family members house within the your area. Is that okay?

This does happen occasionally when someone has had me particularly well recommended to them. If I can pick you up and drop you off again within my working area them I will be very happy to serve you.

If I pay for two hour lessons will you travel further to pick me up please?

I am sorry but irrespective of how long the lesson is I may still have to travel to a pupil on the other side of the area. If I end your lesson outside of the area then that would not be possible.