Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Prices for professional driving lessons
in Nuneaton with Findley's Driving School

My prices and why I charge them.

Lesson Prices

My driving lesson prices and points of comparison.

You are seeking
an experienced professional

You will feel this benefit of this education
for the remainder of your life!

I strongly recommend that you read the points of comparison
before looking elsewhere.

You will have to look a long way
before finding a driving instructor

who will match them!

Points of comparison

I am fully aware that you may have a row of browser tabs open,
each containing a different driving instructor who works the Nuneaton area.

Please check that our matches.

I strongly suggest that you compare closely before choosing.

  • Fully Qualified - As you will see on my I am, and have been since the dawn of the Millenium, but there are unqualified people on the road selling driving lessons.
    Be very careful who you employ.
  • High Standards - Since they were first introduced I have happily been a recognised signatory to the which regulates how we advertise and fairly conduct business.
    Many will not sign this!
  • Full Lesson Time - You will receive the full amount of time that you have paid for!
  • Course Framework - Your course is based upon your requirements, an accurate record and discussion, not guesswork.
  • Suitable Vehicle - My current is a Toyota Aygo: small, manoeuverable and powerful enough. Similar in size to many of the vehicles that pupils will be looking at buying themselves when they have passed their test.

    It makes a great deal of sense to learn in a car similar in size to the one which you are likely to drive.
  • Suitable Learning Environment - The media system will be turned off and the interior does not resemble a shed.
  • No Interruptions - I have never sent or received a message or call whilst delivering a driving lesson. You are not paying me to conduct either business calls or my social life.

    My time is yours!
  • No Passengers - All tuition is provided strictly on a one - to - one basis.
  • No Shouting - I have never shouted at a pupil and you will not be the first.
  • No Smoking - I do not smoke and neither does anyone else in my car.
  • Continuing Professional Development - I did not qualify all those years ago and think, 'Job done. Lets get some work in!' I have been practicing ever since.

    I am always considering ways to improve my tuition and regularly attend meetings with other driving instructors who share the same aim.
  • Refund Policy - The remaining balance of any money taken in advance for Standard driving lessons will be refunded upon request without argument.

    This has rarely happened (usually because of pregnancy or unemployment), but if it does, it is your money. There will be No arguments!

    Feel free to look at the page for refund all refund details.

Reasonable Prices

First Four lessons Only £120

(Only applies to new pupils who have not driven before)

Standard driving lessons £34

Driving lessons that can be moved at short notice
by either party with no loss.

Lessons cancelled on the day of the lesson will be charged for.

5 lessons for £165
10 lessons for £320
Free driving lesson

A free driving lesson is only available as a 'thank you'
to existing pupils who refer a new pupil for service.

I quite enjoy giving a free lesson to an existing pupil
who has recommended my service.
Job satisfaction can be amazing.

I offer reasonable prices to all of my customers

This enables my customers to benefit from the quality of tuition
that is only available from a professional instructor
in a comfortable environment.

The hourly rate that I charge is always in line with other
quality driving schools in the area.

I am absolutely certain that you can find a lower lesson price elsewhere
if that is your only selection criteria.

I would offer the thought that others are not charging less
because they want to, rather because they have to.

You may be well served pondering 'why?'

The choice my friend, is yours!

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