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Continuing Professional Development

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Continuing Professional Development

A commitment to Continuing Professional Development shows that your ADI is keeping up with the latest changes to the driving test and the teaching techniques that will get you there.

What is continuing professional development?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the ongoing process of updating my knowledge and awareness in the instruction field as it continues to develop which it most certainly will.

Why continuing professional development is important to me?

The importance of CPD should not be understated. It is essential for me to maintain a consistently high level of competence throughout my professional career. I maintain a proactive approach to CPD so that my skill set does not become out-dated.

Since I began I have seen a large number of changes. The pace of change has increased in recent years.

How I take part in continuing professional development

Through the common sharing of information, thoughts and experience at regular meetings it is possible for driving instructors to improve their skillset to the benefit of themselves, their pupils and their business. To this end I attend monthly meetings of the (NADDIA).

What I would like to see happen

The DVSA has been talking about the importance of CPD for many years yet there are no DVSA accredited CPD courses available to driving instructors. Whereas I fully appreciate that government funding for the development and implementation of additional training for existing professionally qualified ADI's is unlikely I can see the possibility that a collaboration between DVSA and Pearson/Edexcel could bring forward a range of courses of manageable size and affordability.