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Reservation, cancellation and refunds.

Booking driving lessons

Your first driving lesson

To book your first driving lesson please make contact using either of the methods detailed on the page. Once we have arranged a mutually convenient time for your first lesson I shall book it into my diary using basic details (name, address) and look forward to seeing you.


The time for the next lesson will be confirmed and recorded in my diary at the beginning of each lesson whether you choose to reserve your lesson time or not.

Would you like to reserve a lesson time for your regular use?
This is something that you should give some thought to.

The Booking of driving lesson times

I offer pupils the opportunity to reserve a regular time slot.
This is my preference and has its advantages for both of us.

  • This is the only way you have to make certain that your next lesson will not be moved after it has been entered into my diary.
  • I know that I have been paid in advance (all be it less) in return for recognising the reserved (R) status of that lesson time.

Unreserved driving lessons

Should a pupil wish to not reserve their driving lesson time then as far as I am concerned this time is still available for sale to a new pupil on the basis that they may wish to reserve it. Should I need to I will contact the pupil affected to rearrange that lesson time.

Reserved driving lessons

A driving lesson is only considered to be reserved if it has been paid for in advance. This status will be recorded in my diary with a capital letter R in brackets (R). The advantage to the pupil is that the time slot is reserved for them and not considered to be still up for sale to new pupils.

To initiate a reserved status the pupil needs to bring payment for two driving lessons, the current lesson, plus the fee for the following lesson to pay for it in advance. Each lesson after the current lesson the pupil needs to bring a single lesson fee. The lesson for that day is already paid for, they are always paying in advance for the next lesson.

Things happen in life that get in the way of taking regular driving lessons. Family occasions, pre-booked appointments, holidays etcetera. These all have one thing in common. You will know about them more than a week in advance. When you book your lesson, if you can tell me that you will not be available next week then I will simply mark in the diary the (R) and alongside it (NTW) meaning that I have been told in advance that you are unavailable for a lesson that week. I shall simply skip on to the following lesson where the (R) reserved status will be continued.

Intensive course

After a two hour assessment lesson has been completed and your requirements agreed then we will reserve your space in my diary.

Intensive courses automatically carry the (R) reserved status because they are paid for entirely in advance.

Practical driving tests

The timing of practical driving tests is outside of my control. Should someone elses test fall across your time then a different time will need to be arranged. Practical driving tests have to take priority but at least we will know about them in advance.

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Cancellation of driving lessons

For a course of driving lessons to be fully effective regular attendance is essential.
Lessons should only be cancelled when there is absolutely no choice.


Paid for individually

If you cancel an unreserved lesson in advance then there is no fee to pay.

If you cancel an unreserved lesson on the same day as the driving lesson then I shall expect to be paid for it because I have no hope at all of selling that time to someone else.

If I am travelling to or have arrived at your pickup point then I am expecting to be paid for the lesson that you have booked. I will Always charge for a lesson when the pupil does not turn up for a lesson that they have booked because your reason for cancelling does not pay my bills. If the reason that you needed to cancel is beyond your control then it is most certainly beyond mine.

Paid for as a block booking

If you cancel an unreserved lesson that is part of a block booking then there is no charge for that lesson.

If you fail to turn up for the driving lesson that you have booked or try to cancel it on the same day as the lesson then it counts as one of the lessons from the block booking because I have no hope at all of selling that time to someone else.


Paid for individually

If your lesson time is reserved (R) in my diary and you cancel it then you are cancelling a lesson that you have already paid for. Therefore to continue with the reservation on the lesson following the cancelled lesson you need to bring the fee for two lessons. That one plus the fee for the following lesson to return to the status of paying in advance. Failure to bring the extra money will lead to a loss of reserve status and the lesson time is once again considered to be unreserved.

Paid for as a block booking

If you cancel or fail to turn up for a reserved lesson once it has been booked into my diary and that has been paid for as one of a block booking then it will count as one of the block booking.

Intensive course

Intensive courses are paid for entirely in advance because I have to allocate a large amount of time in my diary that I will not be able to replace at short notice. For this reason any booked time of your intensive course that you have to cancel will count as paid for.

Cancelled by me

As your driving instructor it is obviously in my best interests to do everything possible to not cancel driving lessons. I make sure that my car is serviced on a Saturday wherever possible. I live in robust good health. I have a small amount of annual leave and as such I shall normally be able to advise you a week in advance of any lessons that I am unable to make. However life happens to me too, illness, punctures etcetera.


If I have to cancel an unreserved lesson on the day then I shall provide the next one for free.


If I have to cancel a reserved lesson between the time of booking it into my diary and the time of that lesson then I shall provide the next one for free.


If I fail to attend any part of an intensive course for any reason then I shall do everything possible to make up the time elsewhere or refund the money paid for that part of the course (never happened).

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Refunds for lessons paid for in advance (block bookings)

Where a refund is requested and due then I shall endeavour
to pay the money back on the same day that the request is made.


A refund for any lessons not yet taken can be given at any time.


A refund for any lessons not yet taken or booked into my diary can be given at any time.

Intensive courses

Intensive cuorses are not refundable

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Your statutory rights are not affected in any way.