Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Flexibility of teaching methods

The best educators recognise that pupils are individuals and will learn better if they are taught according to their strengths.

Not all pupils are beginners. At any given time up to half of my pupils have previously been taught by a different instructor. In which case our initial meeting will necessarily contain an assessment drive. I assure you that whatever level your driving is at when we meet you will be taught according to your individual ability and in the manner that suits you the best.

I would like you to see my as a learning environment and every mistake as a learning opportunity.

I formed a team with my driving instructor and passed my practical driving test.
I took my driving lessons with Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton and passed my driving test.
I fully understood the practical driving test.
My driving instructor taught me a lot about Health and Safety.
Driving lessons are an important life skill.
Your focus has to be on health and safety. Your driving instructor will teach you this.
The importance of observations is a favourite topic on driving lessons
You need the right driving instructor to deliver your lessons.
The right driving instructor makes all the difference.
Driving lessons are enjoyable when you have the right instructor.

Want to pass your driving test at the right Price? ... Read on!

We are all individuals

The has to be covered in depth of course but there is immense flexibility in the ways that it can be delivered. We are all individuals and as such it is inefficient to use a one-method-fits-all approach to teaching.

Those smiling people pictured above were all taught slightly differently. How could they not be? They all have different personalities and varying levels of confidence and ability.

One method of teaching definitely
does not fit all

Sometimes comments/advice can be given on the move. Whenever necessary we will park up and discuss necessary points.

Some pupils learn perfectly well through verbal communication while others find that further explanation is required. Diagrams can be helpful for some and I am regularly seen swapping places with pupils to provide a short demonstration drive.

I will do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive the tuition that best suits your needs.

Experience counts

It would be foolish of me to say that I have seen it all, but I think it is fair enough to say that in terms of being a driving instructor I have seen most of the things that can happen. My may be of interest.

Certainly, if you can mess it up,
I have at least three ways of fixing it!

Nerves are normal

A certain amount of apprehension is expected when meeting your driving instructor for the first time.

If you are feeling particularly nervous please tell me. Not only you will be nowhere near the first but it is useful to be told.

I have never shouted at a pupil,
you will not be the first

Teaching methods:

As an experienced instructor I have several ways of explaining everything that I need to teach and several ways of transferring that knowledge according to your level at the time.

  • Assessment drive.
    If you are transferring to me from another driving instructor I shall need to ask you a few questions and give you some information as to what I am looking for before I see you drive. This experience allows me to form a professional assessment of where you are in terms of performing the syllabus and detail for you exactly where we will continue with your driving education.
  • Full briefing.
    When facing a completely new item on the syllabus it is important that you have formed an understanding of what is required, and especially why, before I ask you to perform that procedure for the first time.
  • Full talk through.
    Complete beginners will benefit from this higher level of support initially until confidence and competence begin to develop. Decision making rests solely with me at this stage.
  • Assisted practice.
    I shall be filling in gaps in your knowledge as required and by now you will be ready to accept some decision making responsibility.
  • Independent drive.
    With advancement comes responsibility. You are now driving well enough where I shall be expecting you to accept the decision making role and I shall also be asking questions of you while you are driving
  • Demonstration drive.
    How many times in life have you benefitted from a practical demonstration as well as instruction? I am morethan willing to demonstrate any aspect of the course either at your request (this often happens and is welcome) or if I believe a demonstration to be the most efficient way to boost your understanding.
  • Verbal drive.
    To begin I shall perform a demonstration drive so that you can experience just how much input I am expecting from you. Now it is your turn. I shall be expecting you to describe to me continually what you are looking at and what you are going to do next. This is a great way to boost the risk assessment/forward planning combination.
  • Mock test.
    Nothing fully simulates the feeling of test day. A mock test can be very useful to test how a pupil is likely to hold up to the format of the test itself as well as the lack of feedback and encouragement that has previously been enjoyed. A mock test is usually an eye opener for pupils.