Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Martyn Findley, Driving instructor, Nuneaton

Martyn Findley

Martyn Findley (ADI)

I am Martyn Findley and it will be my pleasure to deliver the professional driver training that you require to the highest standard that I am capable.

Life is better when you can drive:

The sheer convenience of getting into your own car,
and going to wherever you wish or need to be,
provides a sense of freedom that is truly empowering.

I like that sentence.

Best thing is, it's true!

Ask anyone who has had their own car for more than a year if they would give it up now.
You will not find one.

It is my professional aim to bring this life changing reality
to as many people as possible.

Qualification and experience:

I have been a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor since the year 2000, literally the dawn of the new millennium. Since then I have taught hundreds of people to drive, a few of whom you can see smiling away on the home page of this website. Quite a few more can viewed on my Instagram gallery if you care to take a look.

I have also successfully aided half a dozen people who wished to become driving instructors themselves.

Future expectations:

I am perfectly settled in my current role as a driving instructor. I have been in this role far longer than any other. Whereas I cannot see myself leaving the driving instruction industry I would like to seek further development within it. My commitment to is such that I am confidently expecting to remain ahead of the curve on developments within the industry.

Former roles:

Website development and application of server based technologies

So that is where this skillset stems from. A few years ago I used some education and a lot of time to develop a second business to operate alongside this driving school. There are only so many hours in a day and that business grew to the point that a decision had to be made which business to continue with. It is clear which choice I took and I am pleased to say that I am happy I made the right choice. Hindsight truly is a wonderful thing.

Lorry driver

I spent a few years behind the wheel of a lorry before re-training to join the driving instruction industry. When I tell pupils that I have enough experience to deliver a decent I am not kidding.

In the annals of history

Prior to these I had several jobs in manufacturing and the transport and distribution sectors. Unfortunately, at the time when I left college the UK was in the depths of de-industrialization so a succession of local employers closed down. I even spent a year on a farm which while I enjoyed working with the land and the animals immensely there was no living to be made as a farm hand.