Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Useful information for Beginners


My name is

I welcome you to my website.

It is my intention on this page to show you a little about myself, the car that you will be driving, and cover the legalities of becoming a new learner driver. The and are easy enough to find when you are ready.

I invite you to take a good look at other pages and see the level of service
that you can expect from a professional driving instructor.

I will provide you with at least as professional a service as is available elsewhere.

The car:

My current instruction vehicle.

My Toyota Aygo

I currently use the Toyota Aygo pictured above as my instruction vehicle.

My tuition vehicle of choice is a dark grey Toyota Aygo fitted with dual-controls without which I would not do my job. Inside you will find:

  • Dual-controls (of course)
  • Variable power assisted steering so that you never need to work hard on the manoeuvres
  • Climate control so that whatever the weather the interior temperature is maintained at a comfortable level
  • Electric mirrors for your convenience
  • A comfortable leather interior (I spend a long time in this car)
  • and more safety features than I would care to list here.

In my view this is an ideal small car to learn to drive in. It seems sensible to me that you should learn to drive in a vehicle of similar size, and power, to the first vehicle that you own yourself.

Further information about , why I believe it to be ideal for you to learn in and a few other points are available for you to view.

Your Tuition:

Your tuition will be tailored to your individual requirements as you will see in the , and pages.

This is all I ask of a pupil:

  • Turn up regularly,
  • Listen closely,
  • Ask questions,
  • Try your best.

You are expected to make mistakes,
a mistake is a learning opportunity.

You are not a machine after all.

Please do take a few minutes to have at least a quick look at the pages shown across the bottom of this page.

They will help you to make a better informed decision.

Depending upon our joint there could be space for you in my diary.
If you would like us to form a team then .

Welcome to the team.