Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Contact Details

I look forward to hearing from you:

You are more than welcome to ring home and ask any question that you have, but you may find that your question has already been answered in full on the Frequently Asked Questions page. This page has been written for your convenience and may well contain the answers to a few questions that you may not have thought of.

I am sure that you would not expect me to answer the 'phone while I am driving and you are correct, I will not.

For this reason there are two ways to contact me.

Directly text to my mobile:

If you would text either "Your name" or the details of your question to the mobile number below I will answer you as soon as I am realistically able. I am usually either delivering a lesson or driving between lessons so I am unlikely to return a message as soon as I would like.

Indirectly by ringing our home number:

If you feel more comfortable leaving a message with a human being then please ring our home number and ask your question, or leave a message. Again I will happily return your call as soon as I am able but in reality this could be later in the day after I finish work.

Please do not leave a voicemail
I am not about to start listening to them.

Return contact may be later in the day, however;

I will get back to you!

Thanks in advance,

Martyn Findley.