Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

The practical driving test

Managing your practical driving test

I have a duty of care to you, the driving test examiners, the general public, and your future passengers, to ensure that you are properly prepared to drive safely on your own before I agree to take you for a driving test.

This is not something that I take lightly.

Readiness for the driving test

I get real job satisfaction when I am with a pupil and I believe that it is time for us to have a conversation about booking their practical.

Booking and managing your practical driving test appointment

Please wait until I tell you that I am ready for you to book a practical driving test. I will only book into my diary test bookings that I have approved.

You will book your own practical driving test appointment and make any changes that may become necessary. This way you are not tied to me and can check for dates as frequently as you wish should a change need to be made.

Payment for the day of the test

You will need me for two hours on the day of the test. The hour before the test, the duration of the test, and to take you home afterwards.

Payment for the day of the driving test is taken in advance. There are no exceptions to this.

Pupils with a reserved lesson time

If you have been reserving your driving lesson time as described under, , then the lesson fee that you have been paying in advance in simply deducted from the cost of the two hours.

If you have two reserved lessons then the advance lesson fees from the two lesson times covers the cost of the two hours on the day of your test.

Pupils with an unreserved lesson time

In the case of a pupil who has not reserved their driving lesson time then they will need to pay for the two hours in advance.

I do not


Pupils will not be taking a driving test in my car until they meet the required standard. I have never allowed anyone to 'just have a go'. You will not be the first.

Pupils I have taght from the beginning

Because you have been accustomed to benefitting from having the and marking explained to you and discussing your progress from your very first driving lesson you will know when you are ready for your driving test. If you are too keen to 'have a try' before you are ready I can simply show you why now is not the right time.

Pupils who have transferred from another instructor

Pupils who have transferred from another instructor should remember that they made that move with good reason. I often as not end up explaining that the large number of lessons that you have paid them for were not as effective as they might have been, because you wouldn't have changed if they had been.

I make the same promise to all pupils on their first lesson:
I will never ask a pupil to take a single lesson more than I believe they need!

Your statutory rights are not affected in any way.