Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Driving lessons

In this section I wish to discuss a few points that may seem to be blindingly obvious
but which I feel are worth mentioning.

Pupil criteria

I am perfectly happy to teach anyone that wishes to book lessons as long as the pick up and drop off points are within the and agreed in advance.

Languages spoken

I am a native English speaker and have not picked up enough of any other language to even consider being able to conduct a driving lesson. I may refuse further lessons on the grounds that we do not have enough of a common language to effectively continue. This is a subjective decision and only twice since I began instructing have I needed to refuse further lessons for this reason.

Conditions which may affect learning

During my time as a driving instructor around the Nuneaton area I have taught pupils who had the following: Dislexia, Dispraxia, Autism, Depression, Bipolar disorder. I cannot say that this is a complete list but it gives you some idea. I am quite happy to work with pupils who have issues which may affect their driving lessons. All I ask is please discuss this with me on the first lesson if you feel comfortable to do so, otherwise we will simply continue in the normal manner.


ADI Continuing Professional Development Logo

Continuing Professional Development

A commitment to Continuing Professional Development shows that your ADI is keeping up with the latest changes to the driving test and the teaching techniques that will get you there.

I never have and never will select pupils upon perceived ability.

Physical disabilities requiring vehicle adaptations

I do not have any assistive adaptations available for physical disabilities. Due to the high cost of these adaptations there are driving instructors who specialise in this area.

Learning disabilities

The next pupil who tells me that they were statemented as having special education needs at school will not be anywhere near the first. This does not necessarily mean that they will need any more lessons than anyone else because the mix of common sense applied practical training and theoretical work is completely different to your experience in the mainstream educational environment. Also you are being taught in a one to one situation.


I live and work in the real world. There is a myriad of events, all of which are beyond my control, which can happen and frequently do. I am frequently delayed by circumstance from arriving on time to driving lessons. Though I do my best. If I am going to be more than a few minutes late I will text you to make you aware. In any circumstance you will receive the full time that you are paying for.

If you are delayed at the start of a lesson because for example you are stuck on a bus then the lesson is considered to have started. You have booked me, and I am there waiting for you.

Your statutory rights are not affected in any way.