Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
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Privacy Policy

General privacy statement

You should know that I am as concerned about the privacy of my personal information as you are about yours. I would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate to you that this makes me an ideal person to be handling your information.

I record information necessary for individual identification,contact and driving development purposes. This information is destroyed when it is no longer needed.

I will ask if I may take a picture of you along with your driving test pass certificate. These are used on this website (remember those happy faces on the home page) and is uploaded to my and so that you can easily share it across your social media if you wish.

Please read further if you would like more specific details.

UK Privacy legislation

I am committed to protecting your privacy in line with current legislation.

I have responsibilities under this legislation which I believe are covered below.

Information storage

Information is not stored on any databases. Apart from the written information on the front of your lesson marking sheet the only information stored is your number on my mobile.

Collection of personal information

Via this website

You will not be asked for any information at all on this website.

Over the phone

Name, address and contact number are all that is required to process an initial booking. Notes may be taken if you offer any information that is considered relevent. An example of relevent information would be that you have driven previously and whether this was privately or with a driving instructor. Pen and paper are used for this and the information destroyed once it has been processed.

In person

On your first lesson I shall fill in and explain to you the relevance of your lesson log sheet.

On the plain side I shall record your name, address, telephone number (mobile preferably) and whether or not you have passed your theory and hazard perception tests. This paperwork is destroyed once you have passed your practical driving test.

Use of cookies

People worry about cookies because they do not understand them. Hopefully this explanation will help.

Take a sly look at the left side of the address bar on your browser and notice the small padlock. If you do not see a small padlock (next to the https:// prefix on the website address) denoting a secure and encrypted website connection then press refresh and you will.

Cookies confuse a lot of people. You are reading this website, therefore your browser has sent my server a cookie containing the information that it needs to get this page across the internet so that you can read it. Essentially cookies are signposts without which the internet would not work.

I assure you that my cookie is not plotting against you!

Driving lesson content records

I need to record lesson specific information so that at the beginning of every lesson I can see, at a glance: which parts of the syllabus we have covered, to what level, and where we have been.

When you are no longer a pupil of mine they these are destroyed.

Driving test information

Once your driving test is booked I shall record this in my diary and share this information with nobody at all.

Driving test pass picture

Once you have successfully passed your practical driving test I will ask if I may take a picture of you with your test pass certificate. Lots of pupils say yes, hence the pictures on the home page of this website. I also upload these pictures to my Instagram account. Many find this very useful for sharing their pass picture across their own social media. Some pupils decline for their own reasons, and it is entirely your choice. Every year I have some pupils who choose to take their test in their own vehicle accompanied by someone else in which case I am not there to ask.

How I use your information

Your information is only used to provide you with the level of service that you woud expect from a professional driving instructor.

Information disclosure

I will not disclose any private pupil information to third parties unless required to do so by law.

Don't even ask, the answer is 'NO!'

How long I store your information

Information that is held for contact purposes is deleted once you have passed your driving test.

Driving lesson marking sheets are also destroyed.

Your statutory rights are not affected in any way.