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Mission Statement for Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton


Mission statement

Mission statement

I recognise that my responsibility extends beyond that of a professional driving instructor.

As a professional driving instructor and all round human being I recognise that I have a greater responsibility than the attraction and retention of clients to pay bills. There is a lot more to being an instructor than merely qualifying. There are professional standards and ethics around customer service and fair treatment to consider. I am not alone in being a driving instructor, indeed there are over forty thousand of us and this has to be a consideration. The environmental impact never used to be mentioned but it is increasingly relevent these days. The provision of information, the signposting of information sources and resources and the provision of tips and articles can all be achieved online today and this too has to be taken into consideration. Can and should one provide online content and if so how much, how often and under what conditions?

It goes without saying that I will help you to develop a skill set that will endure for the remainder of your life.

It is important that this is done properly.

The following ethical statements of intent should help to qualify this.

The provision of driving instruction

On behalf of my pupils I have the following aims:

  1. To provide a high standard of driving lessons
  2. Adherence to the standards contained within the industry voluntary code of conduct to which I am happy to comply
  3. Maintain my philosophy of customer service and Continuous Professional Development

Driving lessons

The provision of high quality driving lessons is my reason for existance in the world of work. Whether you are looking for standard , a few driving lessons (), after a break from driving, an or taking with me I endeavour to respect the individual nature of each pupil.

Car keys in a hand.

Remember your goal!

Acquiring a full driving licence is life changing.

Client centered learning

An independent, free thinking driver is one who makes their own decisions by intelligently planning their movements according to their dynamic risk assessment.

The previous sentence is worth a second read. That is your target summed up right there. Traditional 'Do as you are told' teaching methods will not deliver an outcome suitable for today's driving conditions.

Some pupils are comfortable with a well worded verbal briefing before they attempt a new topic. Sometimes a simple sketch can clear a cloud away from a clear understanding. I am more than willing to demonstrate anything at any time, explain on approach and talk through during execution if you think it will help.

As I will explain on the first lesson: we are forming a team:

If you talk to me about what you need you will find your learning experience is a lot easier!

Code of practice

Standards in professional life are a necessity and I am happy to be a signatory to the Driving Instructors Voluntary Code of Practice. I have developed a section within this website to detail for you not only what is expected from you but the standard that you may expect from me.

Professional development

It should not be sufficient for a driving instructor to merely complete the qualification process and seek work. I have always considered myself to be refining my skills. I have created a page.

Group work

I have long been a member of the (NADDIA) which is a body of instructors who meet monthly to discuss any matters which affect our industry. Keeping up to date on the latest changes as they happen and discussing techniques with other professionals is a valuable experience.


Every instructor is an individual, there is no doubt about that, just as every driver on the road behaves in their own way. Through experience I am continually refining my explanations and techniques to reflect the prevelant road conditions. This certainly comes in handy when you consider the continuous changes that are taking place within the day to day driving experience. Ask anyone who has held a full driving licence for a few years and I am certain they will agree that driving has, and continues, to change. Not always for the better. My instruction has evolved to reflect those changes.

Customer service

Ecologically and economically friendly driving.

Ecologically and economically friendly driving

Guidance to lessen the impact of your driving style upon the environment and save you money.

I do my best to ensure that every aspect of your customer experience is a positive one. The workforce of Findley's Driving School comprises me. That's it! I am willingly assisted by family members who will take messages if you choose to ring the home number, but apart from that, I am it.

Prompt contact

At the foot of many pages of this website are my with the polite request to text because I am probably teaching. If not teaching I may well be driving between lessons and I am not the sort of person that you will ever see using a mobile telephone whilst driving.

I am a human being, rather than a machine, and I will get back to you as soon as I am realistically able. This may well sometimes be at the end of my driving day. My working day is often extended beyond my advertised opening hours to respond to requests from existing or prospective pupils.

Time keeping

I do my best I truly do. The roads upon which I clearly rely are more and more congested and need more maintainance. You know from personal experience that it takes longer to get from 'A' to 'B' than it has in previous years and with the towns commitment to accepting many thousands of extra homes this challenge is one that I am having to constantly wrestle with. In response to this I no longer conduct lessons in Bedworth or Atherstone because there was no chance of me being on time.

If you are outside of the Nuneaton town area then I am quite possibly going to be late.

You will however receive nothing less than the full time of your driving lesson.

Economically it is a constant battle to fit as many driving lessons as I can into a day to make a living while keeping the price at as manageable a cost for the pupils as possible.

I could improve my time keeping immediately by raising my lesson prices substantially therefore enabling me to deliver less lessons in a day for the same income. Sounds ideal, so why don't I do it? Real life is not that convenient. We live in a market economy and there are plenty of instructors out there who do not have enough work. We have to manage with what we have.

Making promises

Fortunately I am a realist. I am not going to make any promises that I cannot keep. There is nothing more frustrating as a customer and we have all experienced it.

I often have to say to people, "I can get you ready to drive by that date, but to enable this you will have to attend three lessons per week EVERY week!"

Not always what pupils wish to hear but I have never been a maker of false promises.

Taking complaints

Autumnal leaves on a car windscreen.

Seasonal weather

Seasonal weather variations can make a difference to your driving style.

There is a full explanation of the available should you wish to take a look. I have nothing to hide.

Plain speaking alert: if you do not attend your driving lessons then I will sell your time in my diary to someone else. You will be warned of this of course but I will not hesitate should your cancellations persist. You need continuity of lessons just as much as I need to pay bills at home.

The driving instruction industry

The driving instruction industry is one which the public do not generally hold in high esteem. I do find this frustrating but instructors can only change this perception by setting a good example.

For my part I hope that my positive attitude to customer service and client centred approach to learning will be passed around via pupil recommendation.

It is incumbent upon every member of the driving instruction industry to further the image of its professionalism in the eyes of the public by maintaining the highest professional standards.

My intention is to be seen by peers as an asset to the industry
rather than a burden upon it.

The environment

My current instruction vehicle.

My Toyota Aygo

I currently use the Toyota Aygo pictured above as my instruction vehicle.


It is too easy to say that we care about the environment, who doesn't, but what can we do about it individually? For my part I have put environmental considerations on the agenda when I am sourcing a new car and I do teach pupils about how to drive in as efficient a manner as possible.

My vehicle

To this end I have purchased a car that is not only as environmentally friendly as possible during its operating life but contains a high level of recyclable parts once it is no longer serviceable.

Eco driving

Ecologically and economically sensitive motoring is an ideal that we should all endorse. The efficient generation, maintenance and considered erosion of physical momentum is the key. Putting this into practice is another thing entirely.

The Findley's Driving School website

This website is receiving a major upgrade at the moment and will be far better placed to serve rather than exist solely as a sales tool once this evolution has taken place.