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Intensive driving courses in Nuneaton

An Intensive Course of driving lessons

These are a few points that you need to be aware of.

Your intensive course of driving lessons will be personalised to meet your needs.

Intensive driving course

Your intensive driving lessons will be personalised to meet your individual requirements.

How long will my intensive course take?

Between 10 to 40 hours depending on your ability when I assess you.

Make no assumptions! You can tell me anything you like on the telephone. My judgement will be formed on the assessment drive.

The more driving lessons or hours of driving practice that you have had privately the shorter your intensive course will need to be. If you only need ten hours than we should be able to fit this in on the week of your test. For complete beginners I would expect that three weeks to a month would be necessary depending upon how well we can co-ordinate our diaries.

Your intensive course needs to be personalised

There is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' intensive driving course.
You are an individual and need to be treated as such.

To this end I will not book an intensive course of driving lessons into my diary
unless I have conducted a two hour assessment lesson.

Why not book an assessment lesson?

So you might be a beginner. Within the two hour assessment lesson I can form a clear idea of how well you are picking up the basics.

I have been delivering driving lessons to a very high standard for over twenty years. A two hour assessment lesson allows me to comprehensively assess your driving abilities beyond the technical requirements of the test. How comfortable you feel whilst driving can be just as important as how well you know what to do.

There is a very close relationship between confidence and competence

Competence - Confidence Loop

The competence to confidence loop is fed by experience.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or feel that you have done loads
and just wish to speed things up I can help you.

My availability to deliver an intensive course

I am not a dedicated provider of intensive driving courses and have pupils who reserve lesson times on a week to week basis which we will have to work around.

When will my driving test be booked for?

If you choose to go ahead with an intensive course after your assessment lesson then we shall sit and discuss suitable dates.

How much will my intensive driving course cost?

We are looking at between ten and fifty lessons so anywhere between £260 and £1,300.

I consider intensive courses as reserved because I have to book the time into my diary in advance and therefore it is not available to new or existing pupils who wish for weekly lessons.

Payments for intensive courses are considered non-refundable. Full details are available on the page.

Q&A Section for your convenience

There are more Questions and Answers covering other topics
on the page.

Do I need to pass my theory and hazard perception test before booking an intensive course?

Yes! I will not accept a booking for an intensive course from someone who has not passed their theory and hazard perception test because they cannot guarantee that they will pass in time.

Do I need to pass my theory and hazard perception test before booking an assessment lesson?

No! I see no reason why we cannot conduct an assessment lesson so that you can review your options then book an intensive course of lessons when you have passed the theory and hazard perception test.

Can I start an intensive course before my provisional driving licence comes through?

You cannot legally practice driving with anyone, professional or not, before your provisional driving licence comes through.

Yes we do get asked that question!

Can I pay for the course after I have passed my driving test please?

I do not offer credit facilities. Intensive courses must be paid for before the course begins.