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Refresher Lessons

My current instruction vehicle.

My Toyota Aygo

I currently use the Toyota Aygo pictured above as my instruction vehicle.

There is a very close relationship between confidence and competence

Competence - Confidence Loop

The competence to confidence loop is fed by experience.

Life is better when you can drive:

The sheer convenience of getting into your own car,
and going to wherever you wish or need to be,
provides a sense of freedom that is empowering.

I like that sentence because it's true,
and you already know that!

How to get back on track:

Usually people ask for refresher lessons if they have had a lengthy break from driving regularly or they have not driven since they passed their driving test, which happens sometimes.

You already hold a full UK driving licence so all that you need is as little time as possible with a professional to set your confidence back on track.

How do we achieve this?

I am sorry but when we first meet I will need to see your driving licence. This is a legal requirement.

Then I need to hear your view of any driving experience that you have had and how comfortable you felt about it.

This gives us a starting point to discuss how to move forward from this point and begin.

When do we start?

Check my , that my are okay, and my to make sure that I work at a convenient time for you.

All that is left is to use the of a real human being or text me directly or message me from my page. I am busy and will respond to messages and texts as soon as I reasonably can. I will not answer my mobile or voice mails.

Q&A Section for your convenience:

There are more Questions and Answers covering other topics
on the page.

I haven't driven since the day I took my driving test several years ago. Will I have to start again?

Believe me you will not be the first person who has approached me on this basis. What I find is that once we have had a health and safety based conversation and refreshed the importance of a few basic principles then progress can be fairly swift. You already have a full driving licence of course so the decision as to when you feel comfortable enough is yours. I can only advise.

I have had a very bad experience and have lost all of my road confidence as a result of that. Can you help me to regain that?

Most certainly! I will need you to briefly explain the circumstances and also of importance is any circumstances under which you do still feel confident enough to drive. With the knowledge that an experienced instructor is advising you and a little practice we will work through any issues that you may have. The good news is it doesn't normally take long.

Don't worry, we can sort this out!

I have been driving regularly for years. I am interested in this idea of updating my skills. How will that work?

Many drivers become accustomed to a set method of driving which was fine when they passed their test but over the years become aware that driving conditions have changed. Those conditions changed slowly but the accumulative effect is rather dramatic. To begin we will discuss your driving experience. Based upon this I shall make a few suggestions and we will move off. With a discussion of issues on the move and a combination of suggestions on the move or kerbside as required we will soon improve your health and safety awareness.