Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

Refresher Lessons

My current instruction vehicle.

My Toyota Aygo

I currently use the Toyota Aygo pictured above as my instruction vehicle.

Life is better when you can drive:

The sheer convenience of getting into your own car,
and going to wherever you wish or need to be,
provides a sense of freedom that is empowering.

I like that sentence because it's true,
and you already know that!

How to get back on track:

Usually people ask for refresher lessons if they have had a lengthy break from driving regularly or they have not driven since they passed their driving test, which happens sometimes.

You already hold a full UK driving licence so all that you need is as little time as possible with a professional to set your confidence back on track.

How do we achieve this?

I am sorry but when we first meet I will need to see your driving licence. This is a legal requirement.

Then I need to hear your view of any driving experience that you have had and how comfortable you felt about it.

This gives us a starting point to discuss how to move forward from this point and begin.

When do we start?

Check that I , that is okay, and my to make sure that I work at a convenient time for you.

All that is left is to either call home to speak to a real human being or text me directly. I am busy and will respond to texts as soon as I reasonably can. I will not answer my mobile or voice mails.

Q&A Section for your convenience:

There are more Questions and Answers covering other topics
on the page.

I haven't driven since the day I took my driving test several years ago. Will I have to start again?

Believe me you will not be the first person who has approached me on this basis. What I find is that once we have had a health and safety based conversation and refreshed the importance of a few basic principles then progress can be fairly swift. You already have a full driving licence of course so the decision as to when you feel comfortable enough is yours. I can only advise.

I have had a very bad experience and have lost all of my road confidence as a result of that. How can you help me to regain that?

New page to follow

I have been driving regularly for years. I am interested in this idea of updating my skills. How will that work?

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