Findley's Driving School of Nuneaton
Let my professionalism be your guide!

The tests that you must take

The Theory, Hazard Perception and Practical driving Test (including the Show me / Tell me questions).

This process has to be completed in strict order. The theory and hazard perception tests have to be passed on the same day. After the pass certificate has been awarded you are then eligible to apply for your practical driving test.

The Show me / Tell me questions form a part of the practical driving test

Theory and Hazard Perception Tests:

The theory test needs practice before you take it. I recommend that you buy a set of up to date cd/roms containing all that you will need to pass both the theory and hazard perception test at the first attempt.

Apps are available for mobile devices which are also helpful. Many pupils of mine have found the app on their mobile very convenient to practice the theory test whenever they have a few spare minutes. Certainly practicing for the hazard perception test is easier on a larger screen.

A lot of people are nervous about taking these tests. Keep practicing until you have been successful on your last three successive attempts. It is better surely to practice a lot in private and pass the test on the first attempt rather than keep on paying those test fees!

Practical Driving Test:

The practical driving test should not be attempted without first making certain that you are up to standard on all of the required manoeuvres and that you are a competent and confident driver.

Professional tuition is always the best method of preparation for the practical driving test. No-one knows better how to teach you to manage the local traffic conditions, junctions and not forgetting of course, those manoeuvres, than your experienced local instructor.

Show me / Tell me questions:

The Show me / Tell me questions are an integral part of the test these days.

At the beginning of your test you will be asked one of them.

The second show me question will be asked while you are driving the car.

Do not worry about this process unduly. I will have shown you around the car well in advance and prepared you for this. Expert mechanical knowledge is not required.

These questions help you to know the basic checks that should occur regularly on your car anyway, and a few ways of knowing in advance if something is beginning to go wrong with the major systems, as well as effective use of your cars ancillary controls.