Practical Driving Tutorials

These Practical Driving Tutorials are
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The Practical Driving Tutorials section is here for those
of you who wish to use it

If you take the trouble to read about the topics within the practical driving tutorials section that you have covered with your driving instructor then you should need less instruction on those points in future driving lessons.

This enables your driving instructor to move on to new topics earlier and save time. Over a full course of driving lessons it can safely be said that you will require less lessons and therefore save some of your money if you make use of this practical driving tutorials resource

The practical driving tutorials section of the site is designed to impart to you as much useful information as possible. I have tried to cover in detail everything that it is necessary to know for the learning to drive syllabus.

There are several sub-sections within the practical driving tutorials section which are used to divide the topics into convenient groupings. Some open onto single pages whereas those that have too much information for one page have been further divided as necessary to minimise download times.

The information within the practical driving tutorials section has been written to complement the formal driving training that you receive in the training vehicle. It is not a definitive rulebook but it does contain a lot of advice about driving plans and how to apply them in different situations. The practical driving tutorials section also covers many of the rules that will be explained to you properly by your driving instructor, as you require them. The practical driving tutorials section does not contain everything that your driving instructor will tell you and is not intended to be a learning to drive manual in its own right.

This section of the website is designed to complement your
driving lessons, not to replace them

Initially, you will not have covered all of the tutorials listed in the practical driving tutorials section, so do not be surprised if the tutorials do not make perfect sense the first time through. The best way to use this information is to read the sections that you have previously covered with your driving instructor in the car. This way the site is a useful memory aid rather than an instruction manual.

It is good practice for you to read any practical driving tutorials pages relating to what you will be studying on your next driving lesson (if you can remember) in advance, that way you will understand your driving instructors briefing the first time more often without having to spend extra time asking questions.

If you have private practice available then it is recommended that you do not practice things that you have not covered previously with your driving instructor. Once you have received their practical guidance on a subject then the practical driving tutorials pages will make a lot more sense and help you to advance your practical driving abilities on your own time. If you do get ahead of your formal practical training then you could inadvertently pick up some bad habits that your driving instructor will have to fix during practical lesson time.

The Practical Driving Tutorials section is a resource that has been written
to help you to reduce the number of lessons that you will need.

Please take full advantage of this Practical Driving Tutorials Section
You would be daft not to!

Practical Driving Tutorials
Blue light policy

If a vehicle with its blue lights lit up is behind you it is nice
to know what you should and should not do

This is not always as simple as we would like it to be.

This single page is dedicated to a practical driving circumstance that is occurring with greater regularity.

The imminent arrival from any direction of an emergency vehicle.

Read the tutorial. All will be revealed!

Blue light policy.

Practical Driving Tutorials
Vehicle controls

Major, minor and Ancilliary control groupings are all discussed

This page splits the driving controls into their three groupings and discusses them in detail including information concerning the function of the driving controls and how to use them.

Vehicle controls.

Practical Driving Tutorials
Driving Plans and Pre-Start Checks

P.O.M and M.S.M are the two routines that you learn to drive by

These pages contain not only the procedure that you are expected to follow but also a checklist of things that it would be useful to check regularly and in particular before starting off on a long journey.

The Cockpit Drill

Pre-Start Checks

Driving plans

Practical Driving Tutorials
Moving Off and Stopping

Two short routines that people get complacent with. Do not!

Moving off is a practical driving skill in itself and should be done properly. You will need to know how to move away on up / down hill gradients, how to move off at an angle, and how to move away from the kerb with and without traffic around you as well as how to move off correctly within the regular flow of traffic.

You may need to pull up either by the kerb or whilst driving in traffic. The skills are similar but not exactly the same. You may or may not need to indicate when pulling in to the kerb depending upon circumstances. This practical driving tutorial is the place to find out.

Moving off.


Practical Driving Tutorials

Everywhere you drive there are junctions to negotiate.
They may vary in size and shape but the basics are the same

This driving tutorials section contains the practical details of how you should be using your driving plans to negotiate the different types of junctions.

Turning and emerging to the left and Right are covered in detail along with Crossing Traffic.



Practical Driving Tutorials
Driving hazards

Hazards on the road are many and frequent.
These practical procedures will keep you safe whilst driving

While you are driving you will find that some hazards are certainly more common than others. Stationary vehicles are far more common than railway crossings. This section details for you the hazards that you will come across and the practical driving procedures required to negotiate the situations safely.

Common sense is a great asset.

Stationary or slow moving hazards.

Meet situations - Meeting Oncoming Traffic.

Pedestrian crossings.

Railway crossings.

Adverse weather (overview).

Night driving.

Practical Driving Tutorials
Driving style

Follow the practical driving rules:
Don't try to be too much of an individual

This is the largest section of the Practical Driving Tutorials containing thirteen pages. Everyone's driving style could be said to be slightly different but really we cannot afford for them to be too different.

When all is said and done we all have to obey the same laws on the same roads.

I can accept the argument that this section of the practical driving tutorials could be split differently along technical lines. It could, but over all; the way that you interpret the following will determine your own driving style.




Forward planning.




Road Signs and Road Markings.

Suitable speeds.



Dual carriageways.

Changing Lanes.


Practical Driving Tutorials

The top practical tip for all of the following driving tutorials,
except for the emergency stop, is to take it slowly

Not everybodys favourites these. There is a practical driving tutorials page containing all of the instructions that you need for all of the driving manoeuvres that you could possibly be required to perform on your practical driving test.

On your practical driving test you will be required to perform two of the core manoeuvres plus possibly an emergency stop.

Emergency stop.

Turn in the road.

Reverse parking.

Reverse to the left.

Reverse to the right.

Bay parking.

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