Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes - The correct procedure for Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes - Always take care when changing lanes

Changing Lanes is an essential skill. You will be changing lanes more often than you think. Changing lanes takes place in slow as well as fast traffic. Be very careful when changing lanes. Your forward planning skills are essential throughout you changing lanes procedure.

Some of the places where you may be required to perform your changing lanes procedure: -

  1. Changing Lanes: - When overtaking
  2. Changing Lanes: - On approach to a junction
  3. Changing Lanes: - On a ring road
  4. Changing Lanes: - Passing stationary vehicles on a dual carriageway

You need to know how to identify when you will need to be changing lanes. Forward planning is the key to this. If you are watching the road far enough ahead of you then you should be able to make your changing lanes decision in advance. The sooner your changing lanes decision is made the better.

Your driving instructor will not want to tell you that changing lanes is required for any longer than necessary. They want you to make that changing lanes decision. This is all a part of developing your forward planning skills.

Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes - Which driving plan to use when Changing Lanes?

Changing Lanes - The Changing Lanes procedure

Your vehicle is moving so the driving plan is M - S - M.

Mirrors --- Centre and right.

Signal --- if necessary. Indicate if necessary for changing lanes being if there are any road users either ahead, to the side, or behind you that would benefit from knowing your intentions. If there are no other road users in sight then there is no need to indicate for changing lanes.

If you are in any doubt as to whether an indication is necessary when changing lanes then indicate. It is better to indicate for changing lanes when one is not necessary than to miss an essential signal through uncertainty.

Always take a shoulder check before changing lanes. The blind spot should always be checked before changing lanes.

Only begin to steer when changing lanes once you are certain that it is safe. If you are uncertain about changing lanes, repeat the mirror and blind spot checks.

Position --- Keep checking the right mirror while you carry out the changing lanes procedure.

You should continue to indicate until you have reached the normal drive position for the lane that you are changing into.

Speed --- Do not slow down while you are changing lanes. You would be creating a difference in speed between yourself and the surrounding vehicles which can be a problem in itself. You need to maintain a suitable speed throughout the changing lanes procedure.

Look --- Keep looking throughout the changing lanes procedure. You never know where you will find an idiot. Just that one day whilst changing lanes you will!

Signal --- Cancel the signal (if applied) when you are completely into your normal driving position in the new lane. Not until your changing lanes procedure is complete.

Mirrors --- Once the changing lanes procedure is complete, perform a full set of mirror checks.

Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes - The correct procedure for Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes - Always take care when changing lanes

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