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Taste The Success

Before you read much further; why don't you take a look at the column of pictures to the right containing recent pictures of pupils of mine taken after they had successfully passed their Practical Driving Test and ask yourself: "How much would I like to join them?"

I became a full time driving instructor in the last Millennium and in that time have taught literally hundreds of people to drive, and helped a few people to become instructors themselves.  Teaching you to drive will not be the hardest task that I have ever undertaken.  It would be a pleasure for me to add your picture to the top of that column.

Experience The Winning Strategy

For this growing club of people passing their Practical Driving Test was no mystery.  As we walked towards the driving test centre they all knew knew that they had covered a comprehensive course backed up by a teaching framework ensuring that not only were they aware that they had covered the syllabus in depth, but also that they were performing at above the required standard in all aspects.  Further to this they all had a full understanding of the test that they were about to take.

With those advantages - Why would you not pass?


Every course has a syllabus and this one is no exception.Throughout your driver training you will know exactly what you have covered, what remains to be taught, how well you are progressing, and importantly; how we are going to move forward.


On the first driving lesson my pupils are shown a simple framework which enables us to recap and record progress at the end of each lesson, just before the next is planned.  This enables us to ensure that lessons flow seamlessly into one another and that no detail is missed.  An important part in building the confidence that I mentioned when walking towards the test centre!


All of us are individuals and the best teachers recognise this.

Those smiling people on the right were all taught slightly differently.  How could they not be?  They all have different personalities and varying levels of confidence and ability.  One method of teaching definitely does not fit all.

I will do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive the tuition that best suits your needs.


Modern life seldom fits into convenient patterns. Shift patterns and lesson times have never been more fluid just as the availability of child care cannot be taken for granted.

I am available for driving lessons between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday.

It is a fact of my working life at the moment that up to a third of my pupils will not be able to book their next lesson at the end of their current one because they have to rely on others for times that they will be available. They text me nearer the time and we work out the best option between us.

Passing The Practical Driving Test

The Practical Driving Test is not a mystery to me as I have been preparing pupils for it for a number of years.  I will make certain that as we walk towards the door of the test centre that you are thoroughly prepared.

As those former pupils walked towards the test centre they were confident, not only that they had completed the full driving syllabus and could perform all of it to a higher standard than required, but also that they had a full understanding of the test that they were about to take.

Armed with this knowledge, barring a bout of nerves on the day, the driving test is a bit of a formality.

Join The Winning Team!

Teamwork is the best way to achieve anything and as far as I am concerned learning to drive is no exception.

When I roll up for your first driving lesson I know that we are about to form a new team to which we both contribute significantly.  You bring the commitment, concentration and enthusiasm to learn new rules and driving techniques.  I combine my experienced friendly approach with the teaching techniques necessary to transform you from a pedestrian into a good driver.

Between us we will achieve more than a mere driving test pass my friend. You will be moulded into a driver who can consistently deliver high driving standards for the rest of your life.

That my friend is good news for everyone!

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